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ALX Care Reusable Menstrual Cup Size (L) Green with Intimate Wash

ALX Care Menstrual Cup made of a high quality silicone used in medical and food industry provides the maximum proof of leakage by gathering menstrual flow. It can collect 3 times more liquid compared to ordinary pads or tampons. After in placement depending on the strength of flow, it will provide a maximal lack of leakage from in and outside of the vagina up to 4-6 hours in case of stronger and up to 8-10 hours in case of average and even 10-12 hours in case of a weaker flow. Especially provides the best safety during longer and water related sport activities such as swimming pools, saunas or public showers. It is much better alternative to sanitary pads or tampons. It can be reused up to 15 yrs if maintained properly.

Two types of ALX Care menstrual Cup fits best the various physical features of the vagina regarding anatomy and age. TYPE 1 (Small Size) with its 43 mm diameter is recommended for women under age 30. TYPE 2 (Large) having a 47 mm diameter is developed for mothers who already have given birth in a natural way and for women over the age of 30.

Sterilization: At each menstrual period always boil the device in bubbling boiling water for 7-10 minutes before the first also after the last use. Inplacement: Before each in placement wash your hands carefully and make sure the ALX Care menstrual Cup is adequately clean as well.

Find your most convenient position standing or squatting in straddle and bend down. It is easier to insert wet cup. Inplace ALX Care menstrual Cup in to the lower part of the vagina. (This menstrual Cup shall be placed lower in the vagina than an ordinary tampon would be) The thin upper silicone ring of the menstrual Cup shall unsnap to the wall of the vagina and a vacuum effect provided by the two small holes on the sides will fix the position of the device. Well fixed menstrual Cup will collect down streaming menstrual flow in the downer cup part avoiding any leakage from inside. The device perfectly locks the way of up welling water from outside as well to provide the highest possible safety at doing water sports.