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ALX Care Reusable Soft Menstrual Cup Size S Yellow- Hygienic

ALX Care Reusable Menstrual Cup Size S Yellow 

100% full-value alternative to sanitary napkins and tampons. Made of the highest quality medical grade silicone, used exclusively in the medical and food industry so it does not harm body in any way. It collects the menstrual bleeding. It stays very longer and it is reusable up to 15 years if maintained correctly. Available in seven colors pink, clear, purple, blue and green, red and yellow and two sizes S and L. size S For Pre-Childbirth or below 30 years ladies and size L for ladies who birth child naturally or ladies above 30 years of age. Best quality and lowest price worldwide.

Two types of ALX Care Menstrual cup fits best the various physical features of the vagina regarding anatomy and age.
Type 1 with its 43 mm diameter is recommended for women under age 30 and its capacity is 25 ml.
Type 2 with its 47 mm diameter is developed for mothers who already have given birth in a natural way and for women over the age of 30 and its capacity is 35 ml.

its stem length is 25 mm and its not an issue because it can be cut down as per requirement.

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ALX Care Menstrual cup can change your life:

How?  10 reasons:-

        1. Very Cheaper 

          compared to cost of sanitary pads per month up to 15 years the cost of ALX Care Menstrual Cup is nothing.

2. Environment (Eco-friendly)
Most women use about 18 pads per cycle. By using Alx Care Menstrual Cup though, all this landfill waste can easily be avoided. BBC Hindi supports menstrual cups. See what BBC report says 
3. Health (Safe & Hygienic)

Pads and tampons can contain bleaches, absorbing chemicals, perfumes, and other irritants or allergens. The Alx Care Menstrual Cup is made of medical grade silicone which cannot be broken down or absorbed into the body.
No Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).Tampons has been shown to have a connection to TSS, a rare but sometimes fatal disease caused by bacterial infection. No such connection exists with the Alx Care Menstrual Cup since cups do not function though absorbency.
Upon removal, tampons can scratch and leave tiny thread fragments. Pads can cause rashes. The natural balance “down there” is not compromised through the Alx Care Menstrual Cup.
4. No more drug store trips!
Once you purchase, need not to purchase till 15 years.
5. Sports.
Alx Care Menstrual Cup since can be kept in play for 8-12 hours. When a cup is placed correctly, it does not leak and cannot be detected. Feel free to swim lots of laps, ride a bike, or run a marathon.
6. Hassle free Sleep (No Leakage).
No more midnight bathroom trips. No more sleeping on towels. No more doubling-up. The Alx Care Menstrual Cup can be worn all night long, unlike a tampon. Sleep soundly for 8-12 hours. 
7. Freedom.
Stop stuffing your purse full of tampons and pads. Carrying stashes of girlie stuff is a thing of the past. With the Alx Care Menstrual Cup, your period worries are no longer woes. Go to school or work and forget about it. No more bathroom trips till you get home hours later. You are free.
8. Less cramps

9. Very Comfortable
you don’t feel a thing. No mess, no fuss, no problem. It doesn’t matter how heavy or light your flow, one cup covers all stages in a cycle. Very Comfortable (Even ladies forget about their periods)

10.   No smell 

Note: For usage related issue or any other query/suggestion please mail us at carealx@gmail.com and we are here to help you.

So go ahead and change your life.