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ALX Care Silicone Reusable(15 yrs) Soft Menstrual cup Size L Red

ALX Care Menstrual Cup Premium Quality 
ALX Care Menstrual Cup Is Made Up Of High Quality Medical Grade Silicone Exclusively Used In Food And Medical Industries So It Does Not Harm Body In Any Way And It Is Very Soft. It Collects Menstrual Flow Up To 35 Ml In Its Cup Shaped Size So In Case Of Heavy Flow It Stays For 4-6 Hours And In Case Of Light Flow It Stays For More Than 10 Hours. It Is Very Easy And Comfortable To Use As Well As It Is Reusable So It Can Be Used Up To 15 Years. Available Colors are pink, transparent, purple, blue, and green and Two Models 1(s) And 2(l). Model 1(s) For Ladies Below 30 Years But Not For Mothers And Model 2(l) For Ladies Above 30 Years Or Who Birth A Child Naturally. Get Answered To All Your Queries Like Size, Usage, Benefits And Other Personal Issues At The Feedback Blog Of Nameetha Verma Rajesh http://narcissistwrites.blogspot.in/2014/11/diary-of-menstrual-cup-user-day-one_13.html now It's Time To Forget All The Worries Of Periods. Now Feel Your Body Better And Perform Any Type Of Physical Activity Like Swimming, Travelling, Playing Active Sports Etc. other Advantages: 100% Full-value Alternative To Sanitary Pads And Tampons & Much Better Safe & Hygienic, Most Modern Intimate Hygiene And Best Product For Ladies. Optimum Size And Design With A Smooth Surface For Easy Use And Maintenance High Level Of Comfort, No Issue Of Smell, No Chance Of Leakage, Minimize Cramps Very Cheaper And No Issue Of Disposing Due Its Long Lasting Up To 15 Years Easily Portable Due To Its Small Size, Make You Feel Like Normal Days. Neither Rashes Nor Toxic Shock Syndrome. Silicone Of Maximum Flexibility, Ecological And Economical Much Beneficial For The Environment And Contributing To Mission "clean India" Must See BBC Hindi Report Under This Section At Http://bbc.in/13ostvx "bbc Hindi" In Its Report Suggested To Use Menstrual Cup. for Full Usage Instructions On Alx Care Menstrual Cup, Please Go Through The Leaflet Available In Both Hindi And English. For usage related issues please watch the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93gDnRyD1e4 For issues related to size please visit to- http://narcissistwrites.blogspot.in/2014/11/diary-of-menstrual-cup-user-day-one_13.html It takes 2 to 3 cycle to understand the idea of usage so keep patience. For usage related issues please write to us at info@alexanderlifecare.com
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